05/16/2016-Present   McGough Aerial Photography LLC 

11/01/2016- Present   Neil Rashba Photography                                                                     Architectural and Auto Photographer

July 2008‐April 2012  World Airways, Airline First Officer‐ MD‐11 


After spending most of my life as a hobbyist and professional photographer taking photos all over the world, I discovered flying. Then after ten years flying as a professional aviator flying all over the world, I discovered DRONES! This brand new technology gives you a view and a perspective enjoyed by aviators for over 100 years. It is the perfect meeting of photography and flying that I had been looking for, and I get to get off the road for the first time in many years and spend more time with my family and friends and still do what I love. 

Me and my Incredible Family

Sean Mcgough Aerial Photography

​Aerial and Land Based Photography In Jacksonville, FL

On the Road in Egypt.